Update #1 / Nov 15, 2019

We thought you may be interested in what we’re up to, so we prepared an update for you. A lot has happened over the last two weeks, and we are very excited and a bit nervous (to be honest) as the planting day is getting quickly closer!

9 volunteers
signed up
€67 donated
by 6 donors

Hello Scout Tirana 1, bye North Green Association

We are thrilled to announce that Scout Tirana 1 became one of the organisers of the project! We have done so much work together already! They are a fantastic team and are very excited about the project.

Unfortunately, the North Green Association (N.G.A.) decided to leave the project. Partners of the N.G.A. agreed they don’t want to support the Trees for Lurë. We want to thank N.G.A. for the work they’ve done in Lurë and wish them the best of luck with their projects.

Make a child happy!

We decided to bring more than just trees to Lurë! We are collecting toys, school supplies and clothes for children (120 of them) in Fushë Lure village.

Clothes will be directly donated to the children, school supplies & toys will be given to school & kindergarten in Fushë Lurë.

We need your help with this! Please contact us if you can help.

Stickers! & how to get one


We have super cool stickers which we’re very proud of! They’re available in Black & White as well as White & Orange in both English and Albanian!

FAR&FURTHER provided the stickers, and we decided to send a sticker as a thank you for each donation above €10 (we will contact current donors to sort this out).

New team members

We searched hard for a forestry expert and an official contact with Lurë National Park since the beginning of the project. We are delighted to welcome new members who are just that!

Nazmi is a forestry expert, and Hasan is our contact in Lurë National Park organisation.

Embassy of the Czech republic

We have contacted the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tirana, and we got the response there may be the possibility of the support for the project.

Pavel is meeting his excellence ambassador to discuss the options.

Fingers crossed!

On behalf of the whole team,


Update #5 / Apr 21, 2020

First, there was an earthquake, and now we have COVID-19 global pandemic

Update #4 / Dec 16, 2019

Earthquake, why we planted 51 trees and What’s next?

Update #3 / Nov 26, 2019

Earthquake, 2019 canceled, earthquake relief volunteering

Update #2 / Nov 24, 2019

More volunteers and donors, getting ready for next week, Help the Child! update and TV, Radio, Czech Embassy.

Update #1 / Nov 15, 2019

Welcome Scout Tirana 1, bye North Green Association, Make child happy!, new team members, stickers and exciting partners.