Update #4 / Dec 16, 2019

In the past months the whole team has been working hard to plan our 1st event. I’m very proud of the whole team and the work each of us have done, especially uder the circumstances described bellow.


We wanted to help nature to recover from the actions of men but the nature struck instead with 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Tirana region, Albania. The earthquake took 51 lives and left many families homeless.

The unusually strong earthquake set in motion chain of events which made us reconsider, adapt and adjust our original plans.

Instead of executing our planned event, the team decided to focus on helping people affected by the earthquake.

Destroyed house in Durres Medicine for Thumane, from staff at Porsche Albania Supplies for Church in Durres Distributing food supplies in Thumane Building tents in Thumane Building tents in Thumane

Thanks to the support and understanding from our partners we have been able to provide help to the families in Thumanë and Durrës. We have joined with the local Catholic church to distribute available supplies. This allowed us to direct our efforts to concrete families. We provied and built tents for families left homeless, cooked meals, tea and distribute medicine and blankets provided by the partners.

51 Trees

Unfortunately, we reached a point when we depleted our available supplies and resources. We were also hit by an organisational/coordination hurdles and lack of information from official sources. This made providing help complicated for a small organisation like us.

We didn’t give up and decided to head to Lurë National Park to plant 51 trees in memory of the 51 victims of the earthquake.

We want to express our sincere condolences.

What’s next?

Due to these events, we have not been able to achieve our goal for 2019, but we firmly believe that we have made the right decisions.

Our task remains, we’re working towards the original plan for 2020. We had productive meetings with partners and suppliers. We have been able to trial the transportation and accomodation in Lurë, all was crucial to verify our plans.

The first event in 2020 will take place by the end of March and the begining of April 2020.

On behalf of the whole team,


Update #5 / Apr 21, 2020

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Update #4 / Dec 16, 2019

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Update #3 / Nov 26, 2019

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Update #2 / Nov 24, 2019

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Update #1 / Nov 15, 2019

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