Lurë National Park is one of the most beautiful and wild national parks in Albania. Unfortunately, it suffered massive deforestation due to illegal logging and series of forest fires which decimated its forests.

Our mission is planting trees to help the Lurë national park to recover from these unfortunate events. We want to plant 20 000 trees by the end of 2020. We are working together with local authorities as well as Lurë national park authorities to achieve our goal.

During our events and development projects (tree nursery, information centre, forest management), we connect and support local communities. Together, we are working on the development of a sustainable economy.

The Trees for Lurë is a joint project by FAR&FURTHER and Scout Tirana 1. We are proud to be supported by our generous partners.



We hope the Trees for Lurë project will last for many years and brings trees back to Lurë as well as new visitors who will enjoy Lurë national park.

The project can not only help to recover the decimated population of endangered Balkan pine but also boost rural and economic development in the area, especially for people living in the villages within the Lurë national park. Recovery of forests in the Lurë is not a trivial task to execute. We are working together with local authorities and especially with the Lurë national park management to coordinate our efforts.


Planting Balkan pine trees in Lurë is crucial to the recovery of the forest ecosystem. Trees also provide protection of the land from erosion and forest fires which are a big problem at the moment.

Cleaning up old trees that have been left behind since the time of logging needs to be done before young trees can be planted. Old wood also poses a fire hazard as it is dry. It can be easily used as firewood.

Setting up a tree nursery would be hugely beneficial. At the moment sourcing young trees is a logistical problem. It would also provide a connection with the local community as well as generate income for caretakers.

Rural and economic development in the Lurë national park has enormous potential due to its tourist appeal. We work with the local community to execute our projects and aim to generate income streams from our activities such as cleanup, tree nursery or info centre/refuge.


2019: 28th Nov–1st Dec

Our 1st event in Lurë national park will put us to test. We will gain the necessary experience for bigger plans next year as well as connect with the local community and authorities.

This year we are planting
2 000

This year we are

  1. Planting 2 000 trees in the Lurë national park.
  2. Bringing clothes and school supplies to children in Fushë Lurë village.
  3. Building relationships with Lurë national park management & local authorities.


To do this, we need €3 000.

Trees cost €2 000 alone, and we need an additional €1 000 for the transportation of the trees, logistics, tools, people and food for our brave crew.

2020: Spring & Autumn

Our goal for 2020 is to secure funding for more significant tasks and step up our efforts.

For the 2nd action, we plan to take our efforts to the next level and plant
20 000

We want to

  1. Plant additional 20 000 trees in the Lurë national park.
  2. Set up a tree nursery in the Lurë national park so that we can source trees locally.
  3. Build refuge/info centre at the Liqeni i Luleve (the Flower lake). We want tourists to take rest and learn about the national park and our reforestation efforts.


The trees alone will cost €20 000, assuming 2019 price won't change.

All these activities require significant funding. Our initial estimate suggests we need €30 000 to complete those.

€33 000
€3 867
(updated 24th November 2019)


Planting 20 000 trees cost money despite the trees grow for free, but you have to plant them first!

But we can plant a tree for as little €2.
That's like one beer?

Your donations are used to buy young trees, transport them to Lurë national park, pay for tools, food and logistics to organise planting events.


If you want to get your hands dirty, don't mind cold, snow or mud we welcome you with open arms, a tree and a shovel.

Trees won't plant themselves, especially not 20 000 of them.

We are looking for volunteers who could spare a few days. So if you want to plant trees, help with promotion or anything else give us a shout.


This project would not exist without support from our PARTNERS who help us with logistics, transportation, food for our crew and donations.

We give unconditional love to our partners.

Reforestation is more than just planting the trees. There are many tasks we have to do before we can plant the trees. Partners and their support make it possible.




Is providing IT, management and fundraising support. Pavel & Dorjan financially support the project.

Website / Instagram / Facebook

Scout Tirana 1

Is covering everything related to camping logistics, food, tents and kitchen utensils.

Instagram / Facebook /

EXIN Sh.p.k, Kosova

Is financially supporting the project.

Website /


Is providing diesel fuel for our cars and trucks.

Website /

Emante Sh.p.k, Albania

Is financially supporting the project.

Website /

SkySportS Albania, Albania

Is financially supporting the project.

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PhD Arch. Elvan Dajko

Is financially supporting the project.

Porsche Albania Sh.p.k, Albania

Is providing 3 cars to transport our crew and equipment to Lurë national park.

Website / Instagram / Facebook


Do you have a question, suggestion or you just want to say hello? Give us a shout on Instagram, Facebook.

Alternatively, sending an e-mail will work just fine as well.


Pavel Kunc

Pavel Kunc / FAR&FURTHER

IT, Management & Finance

Pavel manages the project, works on the IT support and handles finances, making sure we can execute our plans.

Dorjan Bulku

Dorjan Bulku / FAR&FURTHER

Coordinator for Albania, Fundraising

Dorjan is the primary contact in Albania, he is fundraising and looking for partners making sure we have money for trees.

Mirjana Pali

Mirjana Pali / Scout Tirana 1

Coordinator, Translations

Mirjana is handling the logistics of the 3–day camp as a team leader of Scout Tirana 1. She is translating the website into Albanian.

Florian Rizvanolli

Florian Rizvanolli / Scout Tirana 1

Coordinator, Social Media

Florian is handling the general program of the 3–day camp in Lurë, as well as curating the event's social networks.

Hasan Hoti

Hasan Hoti / Lurë National Park

Lurë National Park management

Hasan is making sure trees are planted at correct locations & according to standards.

Nazmi Ajazi

Nazmi Ajazi / Independent

Forestry expert

Nazmi provides guidance and oversight of the tree planting, making sure trees are planted correctly.