Trees for Lurë is non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2019 with mission to reforest the most damaged areas of the Lurë-Dejës Mt. National Park.

Our Reforestation project is 90% executed by the local team, this includes site preparation and planting the saplings. The team consists of 60% men and 50% women, usually whole families participate during our operations. Volunteers are invited for remaining 10% of planting, only weekend events.

Our Tree nursery is located in Fushë Lurë at 1 100 a.s.m.l. and produces 15 000 saplings per year. It provides additional job opportunities for the local community. We grow Pinus nigra, Pinus Peuce and Abies alba saplings using seeds collected from the national park. Our saplings fulfill all requirements for planting in highest protected areas of the national park.


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Pavel Kunc

Pavel Kunc

Co-founder, IT, Management

pavel@treesforlure.org | Instagram

Pavel manages the project, works on the IT support and handles finances, making sure we can execute our plans.

Anisa Coniku

Anisa Coniku

Coordinator for Albania, Fundraising


Anisa focuses on corporate and institutional fundraising in Albania.

Ersan Karameto

Ersan Karameto

Planting events support

Ersan helps us with logistics and organization of the planting events.

Joreld Dhamo

Joreld Dhamo

Graphic design, web & print


Joreld helps us with design for our printed and online materials.

Mirjana Pali

Mirjana Pali

Events coordinator, Translations


Mirjana is handling the logistics and is translating the website into Albanian.

Olgerta Puta

Olgerta Puta

Finance, Accounting, Law

Olgerta manages our finances and consults us on the Albanian law.

Gentjana Lasku

Gentjana Lasku

Planting events, monitoring

Gentjana helps us during planting events and monitoring of the trees and the nursery

Gojart Reci

Gojart Reci

Coordinator for the UK, Fundraising

Gojart connects us with the Albanian diaspora in the UK organizing events and fundraising.

External consultants

Gentjan Shkëmbi & Elvis Shkëmbi

Gentjan Shkëmbi & Elvis Shkëmbi / CropTech Albania

Plant nutrition & protection advice

Instagram | Facebook

Gentjan is plant nutrition and protection expert and provides us with advice on the best practices for our tree nursery.

Ing. Marek Zeman / Lesy České republiky, s.p., Semenářský závod

Head of production

marek.zeman@lesycr.cz | Website

Mr. Zeman is sharing with us his vast knowledge relating to seed processing, storage, disinfection and germination.

Erald Halili

Erald Halili

Videography, Social media

Instagram | YouTube

Erald makes our work come to live on your screens and shows it from a unique perspective of the drone.

Previous collaborations

Dorjan Bulku

Dorjan Bulku / until 2023

Co-founder, Coordinator for Albania, Fundraising

Florian Rizvanolli

Florian Rizvanolli / until 2022

Events coordinator

Nazmi Ajazi

Nazmi Ajazi / until 2021

Forestry expert