Update #2 / Nov 24, 2019

Everything is on track and getting ready for the next week event! I’m surprised how quickly time flies, seriously! It was not long ago when Trees for Lurë was just a dream.

We are pleased to announce the 1st partner for 2020 who donated towards our 2020 goal! More and more volunteers are responding, which is fantastic. We have people volunteering in different areas (photography, social media, planting, etc…) which is very positive.

15 volunteers
signed up
€1067 donated
by 7 donors

Preparations are finishing

We are putting all the critical pieces together for the event next week. Scout Tirana 1 are the ones doing loads of work and making all this happen.

2200 trees are ready to be pick up, accommodation is sorted and plans for the day are in place. Logistics and transportation for both trees and crew are ready, apart from one car which we’re short of. Of course, we also think about feeding ourselves, we won’t say what’s the menu though ;)

Make a child happy!

The side project to help children in Fushë Lurë, has been very successful and a lot of people donated clothes, toys or school supplies. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who got involved.

We are taking all the supplies to Fushë Lurë. We hand over the clothes to kids directly, and the toys and school supplies will be dropped off at the school and kindergarten.

Media & Meetings

We don’t want to brag, but a little promotion never hurts. We are excited to be on the Vision+ TV show as well as the Top Channel Wake-up show on the 27th. If you want to see who you’ll be planting trees with, in 2020 check it out.

We also got confirmation of the meeting from the Czech Embassy in Tirana where we are heading on 26th.

On behalf of the whole team,


Update #5 / Apr 21, 2020

First, there was an earthquake, and now we have COVID-19 global pandemic

Update #4 / Dec 16, 2019

Earthquake, why we planted 51 trees and What’s next?

Update #3 / Nov 26, 2019

Earthquake, 2019 canceled, earthquake relief volunteering

Update #2 / Nov 24, 2019

More volunteers and donors, getting ready for next week, Help the Child! update and TV, Radio, Czech Embassy.

Update #1 / Nov 15, 2019

Welcome Scout Tirana 1, bye North Green Association, Make child happy!, new team members, stickers and exciting partners.