Update #5 / Apr 21, 2020

Due to the COVID-19, we had no other choice but to cancel the spring 2020 action. Even worse, until the restrictions are eased in Albania, we can’t organise new events. As well as most of you, we’re at home, waiting for the lockdown lifted.

Spring 2020 action canceled

We planned our first action in Lurë national park to take place this weekend, 17th-20th April 2020. The team was ready and planning all necessary tasks and logistics for the event, and not long ago, we were all looking forward to inviting volunteers and seeing the first 2000 trees planted in Lurë.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the planting event due to Albania (and other countries) imposing lockdown and restricting group events. At the moment, this restriction is in place until further notice.

NGO Registration

On the positive side of things, we worked very, very hard on making Trees for Lurë registered Albanian NGO. We are happy to announce we have completed the registration process.

The fact we are a registered NGO not only helps with the transparency and legal tax issues but also allows us to apply for local and international grants.

Czech Development Agency

Another very positive news we want to share is that we have been working with the Czech Development Agency and submitted our project for Trees for Lurë activities in Lurë national park.

We have been competing in the 2nd round of the bidding process. Our project was approved by all the judging parties, which is very positive. Unfortunately, there was not enough budget left for the 2nd round to fund our initiative.

We have been recommended for funding in the 1st round of 2020 and will submit our project accordingly.

What’s next?

At the moment we have to wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass and governments lift the lockdowns. Until this happens, we can’t organise new planting events or group activities.

Everyone in the team, as well as our partners, hope that the lockdown will be lifted and we can organise planting events in Autumn 2020.

We continue to work on the project with the Czech Development Agency, which we will submit in September 2020. We will have an official decision on our project by the end of 2020.

On behalf of the whole team,


Update #5 / Apr 21, 2020

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