Update #6 / May 20, 2021

Despite many setbacks we had in the past 2 years which included nothing less than the 6.4 magnitude earthquake and COVID-19 global pandemic we are now back and very excited to announce the first of three events planned for 2021.

Spring 2021 - 28th - 30th May

We have kept the upcoming event a little bit under the wraps (sorry for that) but we didn’t want to jinx it. After what happened in the past, I think it was a smart move.

Over the past weeks we have been organising the next event taking place next week! We’re taking 2 000 trees + additional 500 trees donated by Porsche Albania Sh.p.k. to Lure to plant them.

I would really like to thank everyone in the team and especially our donors, partners and volunteers for their patience and trust and I’ll be very happy to post updates from Lurë next week.

You can follow the event on Instagram and Facebook.

Autumn 2021 - September & October

While the focus is currently on the next week event of course we worked on the plan for 2021 autumn activities.

We need to come back to Lurë in September to inspect and maintain the trees we plant. We don’t want to just plant trees and leave. It is important to see which trees have survived and which need a bit of help and protection. September will also be ideal to prepare the area for planting in October.

In October we plan to execute the second phase of our 2021 schedule and we aim to plant another 2 500 trees.

We need help!

For September and October we’re looking for donations and partners so if you want a tree, two or a hundred be planted on your behalf, consider donating.

You can also join us as a volunteer in Lurë and plant trees yourself or help us in many other other ways.

What’s next?

It’s early for the grand plans, especially with COVID-19 still looming in the background so I’d like to just say that it would be great a success to organise 3 events in Lurë national park this year and repeat the same in 2022.

If we are successful, we will bring 10 000 trees back to Lurë national park.

On behalf of the whole team,


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Update #6 / May 20, 2021

We are back! The 1st event of 2021 takes place 28th-30th May, we are planting 2 500 trees in Lurë!

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